Privacy Policy

Welcome to Capital Car's Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and privacy policy, which explains what data we collect and how it will be used

Visitor Profiling

By your visit, our system automatically registers all your details regarding your identity and location till you are connected with us. This information wouldn’t be used for other purpose. But saving your profile identity records will help us to understand user behaviour.

Mailing List

Sharing your email and contact information with us, you agree to be included in our mailing list. You will get newsletter, festive offer and greetings and other information related to buying and selling cars in Nagpur. If you won’t find it good or didn’t like it then you can unsubscribe it anytime.


All your personal data are stored on Capital Car servers. It is much secured and cannot be accessed by anybody. Your privacy is important to us as well and we do our best to keep you data safe.

Third Party Links

Capital Car share links to other parties as well. Trade provides links to other third parties. When we encourage our partners to use privacy policies, we cannot be held liable for the use or use of such policies.


By visiting here, you confirm that you are aware of our privacy policy. You further understand that this policy can change in due time.

Any changes needed?

If we need to change our privacy policy at some point later on, we will post the reconsidered privacy policy on this website together with a refreshed reference to our successful date to reflect the date of the amendment.

How information collected about you is used?

By registering yourself with Capital Car will help to communicate with you via SMS, Email or Phone to offer you our services. If you have any queries about our Privacy Policy, please contact us on